West Coast Swing Carinthia

The first WCS club in Carinthia

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We are currently building the English site. Some pages are in the process of being translated.

With us there is now a West Coast Swing build-up level!

You can always try it out :)

We start with workshops in your area. If you are interested, contact us :)


Welcome to the homepage of West Coast Swing Carinthia.

You want to find out more about dance and about us or are you interested in the latest information. Have a look around or contact us and if you have any further questions, we will be happy to answer them. The most important thing in any sporting activity is having fun and we are sure you will have it.


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What is West Coast Swing?

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West in Carinthia

The first "West Coast Swing" Event in Carinthia


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Consulting and Sales

Dance shoes for WCS, Standard and Latin,

Line dance, Boogie, etc ...

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