Friendly clubs

We think it's great when there are like-minded people who want to make a difference in the scene.


We are glad that there are clubs that, like us, aim to make a difference.
Here we would like to give these clubs the opportunity to introduce themselves.

Again, many thanks for your commitment!


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The umbrella organization LVK - CULD is the association  for line dancing and country in Carinthia. With the LDCK it offers lessons to Line Dance and has also to certain events West Coast Swing in the offer. Here we also found a lot of interest. Have a look.


WCS Styria

Elisabeth Raunig – West Coast Swing Styria

Elisabeth Raunig is a certified dance instructor and has been dancing and teaching WCS for many years. Currently she competes in the advanced level.
In 2016 she founded the association WCS Styria to promote WCS in Styria.

Through this collaboration, the Grazy WCS Festival has already taken place 2 times and various smaller workshops. Elisabeth also brings professional WCS dancers to Styria for socials and the possibility to take private lessons without planning workshops.



Do you want to participate, are you interested or just have questions?